Clover Club – Cocktail

Gin is so popular at the moment and this easy cocktail is a fab alternative to your standard gin and tonic. I love the colour of this cocktail, its looks so pretty and tastes amazing! Coming in at £1.67 a glass it’s a nice treat for you at the weekend. Using egg white can put people off however there is no taste, it is completely safe and it really adds a lovely texture.


50ml      Gin

20ml      Sugar Syrup

20ml      Lemon Juice

7              Raspberries

1              Egg

Ice to shake

Cocktail shaker

Hawthorne strainer

Small fine sieve

Martini glass


Start by separating the egg, you will only need the egg white. I then add this straight to the shaker and give it a good shake for about 1 minute. This starts to whip the egg white. Then measure and add in the gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup and 5 of the raspberries.

You can buy sugar syrup, however it is so easy to make. Just add the same amount of warm water to caster sugar and leave to dissolve. Easy!

Dry shake this mixture for another minute. This will break up the raspberries and whip the egg white further. You can then fill the shaker with ice and continue shaking. Do this until the shaker is ice cold. You are then ready to attach your hawthorn strainer and pour over the fine sieve into the glass.

Garnish with the remaining 2 raspberries and enjoy!

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