The Maccabees – Alexandra Palace

First of all I can’t really believe it’s happened. From having Toothpaste Kisses on my Myspace page back in the day to seeing them headline Latitude last year. I have the best memories from their music. I even went to Edinburgh for Hogmanay just to see them play as the clock struck midnight.


A very emotional goodbye, but god the show was fantastic. The best thing about a band like this, is knowing every word and being overcome with excitement each time a new song starts. Hugo did a brilliant job of leading the crowd and reminding us of why we were there. To see them play… one last time.

The set list covered all of the singles and a few extra treats from each album. WWI Portraits was so full of emotion, the whole room went silent. Again highlights included Toothpaste Kisses, Latchmere and the finale Pelican. Something Like Happiness was only improved by Mystery Jets, Idles, Marcus Mumford and a few other friends joining the band on stage. It really felt like they pulled out all the stops and the atmosphere was electric!


The merchandise gave you the option of a load of different t-shirts, fabric posters and even a pair of socks. Definitely go early, we tried before the Mystery Jets even started and stocks were already low. The programme was free with a purchase of £50 which I would have bought anyway! Definitely worth getting, the programme is full of clips for the bands past. Posters from early gigs, pay slips and unseen photos. If you haven’t got one I recommend you do before they sell out!

After only recently discovering it, Alexandra Palace is a new favourite of mine. The food hall and bar area allows you to enjoy the full evening there and the food was fab! Dirty Hot Dog and Jerk Fries? Yes please! One niggle was the length of time it took to get merchandise and drinks, they were definitely understaffed and the panic that you would miss the first song for a beer was too much!

The crowd was great as we were all there for the same reason. A real mix of ages so really any clothes go. Trainers for comfort, then I went for a black body and black lace up jeans as I was going out straight after.

We went to KOKO in Camden straight from the gig and couldn’t really believe our luck. They were playing a selection of disco, rnb and soul along with having a live performance! Gavin Turek has an amazing voice and really got everyone dancing. It was a great surprise to end the night!


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