Kraftwerk – Royal Albert Hall

I didn’t have a clue what to get my parents for Christmas last year and ended up getting these tickets as a bit of an impulse buy. I went in with no expectations and only really knowing a few songs. It was great and was also my first experience of the fantastic Royal Albert Hall. I’ll definitely be looking out for more gigs there!


It was a really unique show and the 3D visuals literally added another dimension. What they lacked in onstage chat they made up for with the production. The set list covered their whole back catalogue my favourite tracks were The Model and Tour De France. You can even listen to the 3D set list on Spotify!


The Royal Albert Hall was the prefect venue! We were sat on the first row of the circle opposite the stage. The hall was smaller than I expected so really anywhere would have given you a great view, there’s even space at the top to stand if you fancy a dance instead.


Really you could wear anything to this kind of gig. The crowd was more my parent’s age, which means anything goes. I kept it simple with a long sleeve black t-shirt tucked into a black leather look skirt, with my favourite white Superga flatforms and a worn denim jacket.


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