Ginza – Northampton

I love Japanese food; sushi, teppanyaki, the lot! I am so happy to have found a good Japanese restaurant in Northampton. It is also really reasonable, which is pretty hard to find with sushi.

Ginza is a really friendly restaurant and I felt well looked after. After attempting to make a decision between all of the sushi, I decided to go for their four course set menu. You can choose from a few different mains however I went for Salmon, which was £16.99.  This included the following:

Miso Soup

Hot Platter – Chicken Skewer, Spring Roll, Samosa

Sushi Starter – 3 Hosomaki Rolls, 1 Prawn Nigiri, 1 Salmon Nigiri

Main Course – Teppanyaki Salmon, Stick Rice, Salad

For the price I couldn’t believe how much food there was. One Asahi beer and that’s your dinner for £20! I would definitely recommend this restaurant and have my eyes on the Sushi platters for next time.

Also if you can get enough friends along there is karaoke upstairs!


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